Special Lecture: Vajrasattva, An Introduction

Instructor: Stephanie Prince
Wednesday, May 18th
Time: 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Location: Cultural Hall
Suggested Donation: $25 public; $15 members

Vajrasattva appears in the Mahayana tantric tradition as a sixth Dhyani Buddha. For practitioners of ngon-dro, the extraordinary practices of Vajrayana, Vajrasattva is practiced to purify and mend broken commitments, especially those of the Vajrayana. You will be introduced to the special vows of the Vajrayana and the symbolism of this particularly skillful and beneficent Meditational Deity.

Stephanie Prince has studied and practiced Buddhism in the Tibetan tradition for more than 40 years and holds a B.A. in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington. She has received teachings and major initiations in the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism, including the Sakya LamDre (Path with its Fruit), both the Lamdre Tsogshay and the Lamdre Lobshay. She has taught on general Buddhism and has guided Buddhist ritual classes at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism. She also serves as a Buddhadharma mentor and VEI catalog editor.