Sakya History

The profound and vast teachings of Buddhism were expounded for our present age by Shakyamuni Buddha. These doctrines were preserved for over a thousand years in India by a succession of unsurpassed masters of the tradition. During the eighth century this fully developed canon of teachings was firmly established in Tibet by Guru Padmasambhava. And since that time there has been a great flourishing of both the Sutra and Tantra traditions of Buddhism.

The above painting depicts the Five Sakya Founders; the Ngor and Tsar Founders; Meditational Deities; and a Protector Diety.

Four main schools developed within Tibet: Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu, Gelug, each with its own incomparable lineage of teachers and emphasis on particular practices. The Sakya tradition, which developed from the early Nyingma teachings, has been preserved to the present day through the pure and unbroken succession of Khön lineage holders and through the transmission of the profound Sakya Lamdre (Path and Fruit) teachings. Due to the unimaginable compassion of masters throughout the centuries, the limitless teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha are maintained as potent and viable methods of spiritual realization.


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