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The Community and the Opportunity

Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism is a spiritual community and cultural center led by renowned lamas from Tibet. It is dedicated to the realization and practice of wisdom, loving-kindness, and compassion, in order to nurture and bring happiness to all beings. Sakya Monastery has several resident monks, but the sangha (community) is largely composed of lay members. They actively embrace patience, kindness, generosity, and peace in their lives.

As a lay member, you enjoy the rare and extraordinary privilege of studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism directly under the guidance of lamas who were trained in traditional Tibet before the Chinese occupation (1959).


Get Involved!

Here are ways that people new to Sakya Monastery can get involved:

Tax-deductible donations can be sent to:

Sakya Monastery of Tibet Buddhism
Attn: Gillian Teichert
108 NW 83rd Street
Seattle, WA 98117 USA
Or call the Monastery at (206) 789-2573 and arrange a time to meet with Gillian Teichert (Treasurer) or Adrienne Chan (Executive Director).