Welcome to the Friendship Circles

 Friendship Circles is the Community building arm of Sakya Monastery.

The goal is to build closer relationships so that we can be a support for each other when needed, and to share common interests, resources and ideas. What a great way to practice the Dharma!

Each quarter, Friendship Circles presents a series of community events, such as Movies with Meaning, Dharma Study Group, Family Dinner Night and more. We also have our bi–monthly meetings, where we meet, greet, eat, and plan what we'd like to do together next. And for a virtual connection we have the beginnings of a vibrant, active online community.

On this Virtual bulletin board we have a variety of Forum topics such as “Care Groups”, “Networking”, “Community Outreach”, “Classifieds”, ”Freecycle”, “Helping Hands”, “ Dharma Discussions”, “Events and Meetups”, and so much more.
Here’s how it works:
After you become a member and have attended a Friendship Circle meeting you will receive login information to access the online community where you can create a profile, jump right in, meet new friends and stay connected!

We also want to encourage ideas for new activities and projects. If members are interested in taking lead roles in organizing, helping out at the Monastery and in the community, leading a forum etc.  It takes many hands to build a community so just let us know!

Questions?  Contact Teresa Lamb at Sanghaconnections@gmail.com


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