Meditation for Beginners

“The only way to relieve suffering is to understand your own mind. You do that by observing your thoughts.” - H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya

Meditation Practices for People New to Sakya Monastery

  • Calm abiding meditation - at home and at Sakya Monastery on most Fridays at 7:00 pm.
  • Chenrezi – held most Sundays at 10:00 am and Thursdays at 7:30 pm (PST) or 8:00 pm (PDT)
  • Green Tara – held monthly at Sakya Monastery.

Note: Check the Calendar to confirm times and days.


Within Tibetan Buddhism, there are various levels of mindfulness techniques and practices to help us understand our minds, achieve happiness, and attain enlightenment. The best meditation for most beginners is Calm-Abiding Meditation.

The Purpose of Calm-Abiding Meditation

There are many techniques for practicing Calm-Abiding Meditation. One of the main techniques is to sit quietly and be aware of one's mind, observing the flow of arising and passing thoughts which are like the movement of fleeting clouds in a clear sky.

By practicing Calm-Abiding Meditation, you will develop the ability to:

  • Increase the mind's ability to focus clearly and one-pointedly without effort.
  • Become aware of your body and your thoughts.
  • Become aware of your inner feelings and emotions.
  • Understand your mind and how it works.
  • Increase your mindfulness so that you can nip impatience and anger in the bud.
  • Understand the source and nature of happiness and suffering.


Benefits of Regular Meditation

  • Peace, mindfulness, happiness, calmness
  • Becoming a kinder, more compassionate and caring person
  • Becoming a less angry and impatient person
  • Becoming the best person you can become
  • Being able to close your eyes and be completely clear, whole, with no disturbing thoughts or emotions


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