2009 Annual Meeting - Speech by Dhungsey Mati Rinpoche

Tashi Deleg, Good Afternoon Everybody.

I look forward to this day every year because it’s uplifting to see the continual evolution of the Sakya Monastery and all of you who have helped make it so.

From a small curious group gathering in a basement on Ward Street, to this magnificent Monastery filled with knowledgeable minds, it’s truly amazing.

I would now like to read to you a short passage from H.E. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche while he was giving teachings in France in 1990. “Throughout the stream of our lives from time without beginning until present, we have all been wandering in Samsara accumulating evil.  When we die, where else is there for us to go to but the lower realms?  But if the wish and thought occur to us to promote loving kindness, compassion and to bring all beings to the enlightened state of Buddha hood, we have generated what is known as Boddhichitta.”

Few have mastered the two aspects of Boddhichitta (The mind of Enlightenment), however, on a relative level this is what all of you do through your selfless activities in support of His Holiness and our Monastery for the benefit all sentient beings. From the kitchen volunteers to the advisory board. Grounds keeping, construction, shrine room and building maintenance as well as all the ritual activities, and due to impermanence, it never ends.

An organization this size does not run as smoothly as it does without the tireless efforts from so many on all levels, so I extend my deepest appreciation to all of you – and especially to His Holiness and Dagmo Kushog for their continual guidance and supreme blessings.

Dhungsey Mati Vajra


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