H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya’s 83rd Birthday Poems


Ready to guide sentient beings by

Inviting them to travel the road to liberation

Never tiring of bestowing blessings on the

Path of bliss and emptiness - you of

Outstanding wisdom and compassion -

Courageous leader who rises to

Help all to end suffering - you are the

Emanation of holiness

-Murray Gordon

The lama asked the students, “How do you know when night has ended and day has begun?” One student answered, “That’s when you can look into the distance and tell if a tree is a pine tree or an oak tree.” The lama replied, “No.” Another student said, “That’s when you can look into the distance and tell if a small animal is a cat or a dog.” “No.”, the lama said. “Tell us then!” the class asked. The lama answered, “It’s when you can look into the face of the nearest person and see that the person is your brother or sister. If you can’t, then it will always be night for you.”

-Murray Gordon


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