H.E. Dagmo Kusho Shares Tara Teachings in Eugene, Oregon

By Amy Alcaraz

Last Month, Dagmo Kusho and Lama Migmar traveled to the Nyen-Gyud Samten Choe-Ling Center in Eugene Oregon, a Sakya Institute of Wisdom and Compassion.  Dr. James Morris, a long time helper and supporter of the center and its president, was Dagmola’s escort and constant companion. He is also a long time helper to Tulku Jigme, who is the founder of the center.  

During her first day at the center, Dagmola gave a White Tara initiation in the morning followed by a teaching in the afternoon.  On the second day she gave a Green Tara teaching and later led the group in a Green Tara practice.  She was very impressed by the devotion of the members and by the number of students who came for the teachings and stayed throughout the day.  She notes that the quality of the practicioner is more important than the quantity of the practice.  When she teaches and shares the Dharma she feels rejuvenated. Teaching is part of her commitment to the teachings and the merit gained by all who participate is wonderful.

Dagmola liked the small town feel of Eugene, especially the beautiful land and flowers.  She wants to thank Dr. Morris and Nawang’s whole family for the kindness and generosity they extended to her.


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