Tibetan Medicine and Healing

Friday, January 21 at 7:00 pm
Instructor: Dr. Paltul Rinpoche
Location: Shrine Room
Suggested Contribution: $25 Public, $20 Members

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Paltul will be giving a lecture on Tibetan medicine at Sakya Monastery. Additionally, over the following weekend, Dr. Paltul will be available for 15 minute Tibetan medical consultations (diagnosis through hand palpation). Dana is welcome. Tibetan herbal medicine is available at $120 for a month long dosage. Appointment dates and times are Saturday, January 22nd, 9:30-11:30am, 1:30pm-5:30pm and Sunday , January 23rd, 1:30pm-5:30pm. Please email Sakya Monastery at monastery@ sakya.org for an appointment. Members have first priority. Appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Dr. Paltul was born in Kham, East Tibet. From his very early years he showed an extraordinary interest in the Buddha's teachings and an extraordinary talent in the art of healing. Following the traditions of the Tibetan culture, he joined Palkey Lachen Monastery, a monastery of the Sakya School. Dr. Paltul has been recognized as the 5th Pora Tulku. The previous four Pora Tulkus were meditation masters and physicians who had been renowned all over Tibet, and Dr. Paltul continues their traditions today.

Sharing the Dharma

Offered by His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya
Occasional Sundays beginning January 16, 2011
Open to the public.
Suggested Contribution: $30 Public, $25 Members

Out of his great compassion, H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya will be sharing with us his life experiences and the knowledge he learned from his teachers for the benefit of our spiritual growth and development. This is a very precious opportunity to hear directly from the eldest lama in the Sakya tradition and one of the highest Tibetan lamas living today.

VEI Class: Lamdre Meditations - The Sakya Path to Enlightenment

Tuesdays: January 25, February 22, and March 22
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Cultural Hall
Cost: $15 for materials. Free, donations accepted
All are welcome
Attend one or all three classes. Please come a little early.

The Lamdre meditations comprise the unique and systematic teaching of the entire Buddhist path to enlightenment. The meditations are powerful, profound, and enable one to immediately and intimately experience and feel the power of the path to enlightenment.

The key text for this meditation group will be The Three Visions, a meditation manual derived from The Beautiful Ornament of The Three Visions by Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub and the Lamdre Teachings of H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya.

Copies of the meditation manual will be available for sale before each group meditation.

Led by Chuck Pettis, the Lamdre group meditation will consist of a series of 60-second meditations from The Three Visions. Each meditation will be followed by a short discussion and sharing of each person’s experience. Recommended additional reading (books available in Dharma Store):

The Beautiful Ornament of The Three Visions By Ngorchen Konchog Lhundrub
The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception by Deshung Rinpoche

Prerequisites: This is an advanced set of meditations for those who have taken Refuge or are serious Dharma practitioners.

Chuck Pettis is co-executive director of Sakya Monastery, founder of Earth Sanctuary (www.earthsanctuary.org), president of BrandSolutions (www.brand.com), author of TechnoBrands and Secrets of Sacred Space, and loves meditating!

Dharma Lecture: Clarifying the Intentions of the Sage

Sunday, January 23 at 1:30 pm (first class)
Instructor: Khenpo Jampa Tenphel
Cost per class: $20 Public, $15 Members

Venerable Khenpo Jampa will be teaching a ten-class series based on this important text that describes the ten stages of the Bodhisattva path up to perfect enlightenment. This course is meant to be taken after the introductory Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism seminar. The classes in this course are designed to build on each other, so attendance in all 10 classes in recommended. Descriptions of classes 5 - 10 are forthcoming. Dates for those classes will be announced in late winter.

To register: please call the Monastery at 206.789.2573 or email monastery@sakya.org.

Class 1 ( January 23): Buddha Potential (Sanskrit- Tathagatagarbha)
Buddha potential is also called Buddha nature. Every sentient being possesses this potential. Therefore we can ascertain that every sentient being can achieve the state of Buddhahood through activating this potential through progressive practices.

Class 2 (February 27): Four Ways to Engage in Bodhisattva Activities
1) Providing for the needs of others
2) Effective communication in teaching the Dharma
3) Setting a good example and avoiding hypocrisy (Do what you say and say what you do)
4) Engaging in the welfare of sentient beings (Encouraging others to practice)

Class 3 (March 27): The Five Paths and Ten Grounds
The five paths and the ten grounds are the manner in which the bodhisattva travels on the path. Each path and ground is a spiritual level of mental development. It is necessary on one hand to develop positive qualities while on the other hand to remove defilements and afflictive emotions. The completion of these things occurs at the level of the Tenth Ground which is recognized as the Buddha Ground.

Class 4 (April 10): Buddhahood
This teaching will cover a description of the qualities of a Buddha’s body, speech and mind. In particular, different level or types of Buddha's body will be discussed.

Khenpo Jampa Tenphel comes to us from Dzongsar Institute in India, where he was the library director as well as a tutor for many years. He received a Degree of Acharya (equivalent to an M.A.) in Buddhist Philosophy in 2002 and was ordained as an Abbott in 2004. He has received many teachings and initiations from all four sects of Tibetan Buddhism (Sakya, Gelug, Kagyu, Nyingma). Many of those teachings and initiations were from H.H. the Dalai Lama and H.H. Sakya Trizin. He has also received the Lamdre teaching from H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche. His root lamas are H.H. Sakya Trizin, H.H. Luding Khen Rinpoche, and H.H. Dagchen Rinpoche. At Sakya Monastery, Khenpo Jampa teaches intermediate and advanced level curriculum on Buddhist philosophy and also serves as the librarian for the growing collection of Tibetan Buddhist scriptures.

Dharma Lecture: Etiquette in Tibetan Buddhism

Sunday, January 16 at 1:30 pm
Instructor: H.E. Dagmo Kusho Sakya
Location: Shrine Room
Suggested Contribution: $25 Public, $20 Members

H.E. Dagmo Kusho will instruct the new Buddhist practitioner in the traditional customary protocols learned from her own experience. This class will cover in greater detail the little red book of Tibetan Buddhist Customs, which is sold in our Dharma shop. Dagmo Kusho will also share about her experiences and stories of the lamas in Old Tibet.

Her Eminence Dagmo Kusho Sakya was born in Kham, Eastern Tibet. As the niece of one of the most highly realized Sakya Masters of the twentieth century, H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche III, her training in Buddhist practice began at an early age. She has received extensive teachings and empowerments from many great lamas of all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism throughout her lifetime. Dagmola is married to H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya of the Khön lineage, a Head Lama of the Sakya order of Tibetan Buddhism. Dagmola specializes in Tara empowerments, practices, and teachings, and has many students throughout the world.


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