Vajrakilaya Intitation

Sunday, September 13
Time: 10:00 am
Location: Shrine Room
Suggested Contribution: $30 Public, $25 Members
Translator: Dr. Jeffrey Schoening

The unique and powerful teachings of Vajrakilaya have been preserved by the Khön lineage in an unbroken transmission since the time of its inception. This special lineage of teachings was infused by the blessings of Padmasambhava and has been carried on to the present day. This profound practice of Vajrakilaya has the power to clear away obstacles and delusions, to free oneself and others from suffering, and to awaken compassion and enlightened awareness. A lecture on the Vajrakilaya practice will be given the same day by Chuck Pettis at 1:30 pm.
His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya, Head Lama of Sakya Monastery, was born in Tibet in 1929. He continues the great Sakya lineage which began with Khon Konchok Gyalpo (1034—1102). He received teachings of the unbroken Khon lineage, the Sakya Vajrakilaya, the Hevajra and the complete Lamdre Tsogshe, from his father, H.H. Trichen Ngawang Thutop Wangchug, the last Sakya throne holder in Tibet. He also studied with many other great Buddhist teachers, including Dzongsar Khyentse Chökyi and Dingo Khyentse Rabsal Dawa.

In 1960, H.H. J.D. Sakya was invited to work on a University of WA research project on Tibetan civilization which was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation. At the request of students, he co-founded with H.E. Dezhung Rinpoche the Sakya Tegchen Choling, a center for the study of Tibetan Buddhism and culture. In 1984, the center became the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism.

H.H. Ngawang Thutop Wangchuk's Memorial

Sunday, August 9
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Location: Shrine Room
All are welcome

Trichen Ngawang Thutop Wangchuk was the 33rd Patriarch of Sakya and was the father and root lama of H.H. Sakya Dagchen Rinpoche and H.H. Trinly Sakyapa and their sisters. He lived from 1900 to 1950. He was greatly accomplished and known to demonstrate his control over the four elements.

To celebrate Trichen Ngawang Thutop Wangchuk's memorial, we will be reciting the new text "An Ocean of Blessings, an Offering Ritual to the glorious Holy Guru" (tibetan: Lamdre Lama Chopa). The ceremony will be followed by a mang-cha (food offering) hosted by the Sakya Phuntsok Phodrang family.

Annual Monastery Campout


There will be swimming, hiking, volleyball, great food, and more!

WHERE: Scenic Beach State Park
Located on the west side of the Kitsap Peninsula, nine miles southwest of Silverdale, Wash., on Hood Canal.

WHEN: The site is reserved from 3:00 pm, Friday, August 14th until noon, Sunday, August 16th.

WHO: All Sakya Monastery members, friends and their families are invited!!

HOW: Please RSVP for the number of meals you and your family will need to and submit payment before August 7th. To participate in the shared meals, the cost is $5/meal for adults and free for children under 12 (a total of 5 meals will be served).

DIRECTIONS: Take I-5 South for about 32 miles, merge onto WA-16 West (Exit 132 Gig Harbor/Bremerton), WA-16 becomes WA-3 North (total just under 36 miles), take the Newberry Hill Rd exit and turn left onto NW Newberry Hill Road, after 3 miles turn right onto Seabeck Hwy Road NW, after 5 miles turn right onto Miami Beach Rd NW, and in just under a mile turn left onto Scenic Beach Rd NW. Once in the park go all the way to the end of the loop and take the unpaved road to the Group Camp Site.

Dharma Lecture: Introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism

Tuesday, August 4 & Wednesday, August 5
Time: 7:30p.m.
Location: Shrine Room
Instructor: H.E. Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI
Suggested Contribution per lecture: $25 Public, $20 Members
All are welcome

Teachings based on The Letter of Instructions to the Yogi of Kyongpo, Nyida Zangpo by the Dorje Dhenpa I.

The author of this text (Dorje Dhenpa I) was a great Tantric Master. He was acclaimed as one of the Six Ornaments of the Sakya tradition (notable scholars of the Sakya tradition). He was the founding abbot of the great Gongkar Chode Monastery and the Dzongpa lineage of the Sakya tradition. Of his numerous profound teachings, this concise text is a particularly lucid manual of timeless advice for those embarking on the Vajrayana path. These profound and ancient teachings will be bestowed at Sakya Monastery by H.E. Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI.

His Eminence Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI (Tenzin Jampal Lungtok Namgyal) was born very close to the Tibetan border in Arunachal Pradesh, India in 1978 and was recognized by His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness the Sakya Trizin. His Eminence is a young, dynamic lama overflowing with energy and enthusiasm as well as a committed and accomplished spiritual monk. He is the youngest ever graduate of Sakya College, beginning his studies when he was 12 years old and graduating with both a Shastri and Acharya Degrees (equivalent to BA and MA degree). He began building his current Monastery, Gongkar Choede near Dehradun while still in college at the age of 15 and finished it 9 years later to establish the seat for the Dzongpa tradition in India, of which he is the Supreme Head. His Eminence is currently building a unique new temple not far from his main monastery to fully revive the ritual practices for H.H. the Dalai Lama that the Dzongpa monks used to perform in Tibet and to benefit the local community there.

Dharma Lecture: Tibetan Medicine Ethics - The Connection Between Medicine and Religion

Friday, November 6
Time: 7:30p.m.
Location: Sakya Monastery Cultural HallShrine Room
Instructor: Dr. Kunchok Gyaltsen
Suggested Contribution per lecture: $25 Public, $20 Members
All are welcome

This lecture will introduce the concepts of ethics and morality in Tibetan medicine. Ethics in Tibetan medicine are interconnected with Tibetan Buddhism, which provides the framework for the training of health practitioners. This lecture will focus on the nature and function of both the body and the mind, based on the combined wisdom and traditions of Tibetan Medicine and Tibetan Buddhism. This unity of Buddhist beliefs and medical practice in Tibetan medicine has resulted in one of the most compassionate and human-centered approaches to health care in the world.

Dr. Kunchok Gyaltsen is one of a new generation of outstanding Tibetan medical doctors. Having spent his life gaining expertise in both Tibetan Buddhist studies and Tibetan medicine, Dr. Gyaltsen's proficiency in clinical treatment (specializing in digestive disorders), his many public teachings and scholarly writings on the approaches of Tibetan medicine, combined with 27 years of training as a Tibetan Buddhist monk, offer exceptional and rare knowledge in ways to keep the body, mind, and spirit healthy. Dr. Gyaltsen studied and practiced both Buddhism and Tibetan Medicine under the guidance of knowledgeable teachers at Kumbum Monastery and skilled doctors at Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital. Dr. Gyaltsen was instructed in both the Tibetan Medicine Teaching Lineage and the Medicine Buddha Initiation Lineage under the founder of Kumbum Tibetan Medical Hospital, Tashi Rinpoche, and two of Tibet’s most senior physicians at that time, Aku Ngakwan Tenzin and Kanpo Toru Tsenam. Currently, Dr. Gyaltsen is a PhD candidate and completing his dissertation at UCLA School of Public Health in Los Angeles.


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