Special Lecture: Steps to Enlightenment

Five Paths and Ten Bhumis - An Introduction
Lecturer: Ken Hockett
Wednesday, October 25th
Time: 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Location: Shrine Room
Suggested contribution: $15 Members, $20 Non-Members
Prerequisite: None

An analysis of the Prajnaparamita by the Indian Masters of the past reveals the process that leads to Enlightenment.  These are the Five Paths which lead to Buddhahood and the Ten Stages of Bodhisattva practice in Mahayana Buddhism. There is an essential body of commentaries related to the Paths and Bhumis. This class is an introduction to some of these commentaries and to the structure and the qualities of the Paths and Bhumis. This lecture is suitable for anyone interested in an overview of the Mahayana Buddhist Path.

Ken Hockett is one of the senior Dharma students at Sakya. After much reading and study, he took refuge before H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya in 1977. His principal interest is in the Mind Training methods and has been teaching these at Sakya Monastery for over 15 years. Having received teachings and initiations from Lamas of all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, his main teachers are of the Sakya and Nyingma traditions. He has also produces many of the practice texts used at Sakya Monastery.