Dharma Lecture: Introduction to Vajrayana Buddhism

Tuesday, August 4 & Wednesday, August 5
Time: 7:30p.m.
Location: Shrine Room
Instructor: H.E. Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI
Suggested Contribution per lecture: $25 Public, $20 Members
All are welcome

Teachings based on The Letter of Instructions to the Yogi of Kyongpo, Nyida Zangpo by the Dorje Dhenpa I.

The author of this text (Dorje Dhenpa I) was a great Tantric Master. He was acclaimed as one of the Six Ornaments of the Sakya tradition (notable scholars of the Sakya tradition). He was the founding abbot of the great Gongkar Chode Monastery and the Dzongpa lineage of the Sakya tradition. Of his numerous profound teachings, this concise text is a particularly lucid manual of timeless advice for those embarking on the Vajrayana path. These profound and ancient teachings will be bestowed at Sakya Monastery by H.E. Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI.

His Eminence Gongkar Dorje Dhenpa Rinpoche VI (Tenzin Jampal Lungtok Namgyal) was born very close to the Tibetan border in Arunachal Pradesh, India in 1978 and was recognized by His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness the Sakya Trizin. His Eminence is a young, dynamic lama overflowing with energy and enthusiasm as well as a committed and accomplished spiritual monk. He is the youngest ever graduate of Sakya College, beginning his studies when he was 12 years old and graduating with both a Shastri and Acharya Degrees (equivalent to BA and MA degree). He began building his current Monastery, Gongkar Choede near Dehradun while still in college at the age of 15 and finished it 9 years later to establish the seat for the Dzongpa tradition in India, of which he is the Supreme Head. His Eminence is currently building a unique new temple not far from his main monastery to fully revive the ritual practices for H.H. the Dalai Lama that the Dzongpa monks used to perform in Tibet and to benefit the local community there.