Essential Knowledge of Hinayana & Mahayana Buddhism

Mondays, September 14 to December 7 at 7:30 PM
(Note: classes will not be held on the evenings in which ritual practices occur)
Suggested donation: $100 (Note: members will receive the course book as part of their registration; non-members will need to purchase the book separately.)

This course will teach the foundational beliefs of Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhism to motivated beginner-to-intermediate practitioners. This eleven (11) session series is designed to ground students in the core beliefs and theory underlying Hinayana and Mahayana Buddhist practices, upon which Vajrayana Buddhism lies.

The course’s contents will be discussed in-depth. Each of the eleven sessions will have both a presentation and facilitated discussion. A Yahoo! Group will be established so that the participants may continue discussion between the sessions.

NOTE: Tso Kor is currently scheduled for September 28, which is at the same time as the third lecture. A vote will be taken at the first class to determine if students would rather (a) hold the lecture as scheduled, (b) attend Tso Kor and have the class on another evening, or (c) attend Tso Kor and have an extended class on October 5.

REGISTRATION: This course is open to 15 students maximum. Priority registration will be given to members of Sakya Monastery. Because the material is cumulative, please do not register unless you know that you will be able to attend at least 10 of the 11 sessions.

Please note:
• We understand that the economy is tight and that many people have financial constraints. If you are interested in the course but cannot afford the fee, we are happy to work out a way for you to help the monastery with your time in lieu of payment. Please call the Monastery's office in order to determine how we may match your skills to our needs.
• Registration is not considered complete until either payment is received or the monastery has determined (with you) a plan for how you may "pay" for the course by helping the Monastery with your time and skills.

Lecture Topics & Teachers:
1. The Buddha, Buddhism, and “Taking Refuge”
Date: September 14
Instructor: Eric Dulberg
2. On Daily practice; “The four thoughts that turn the mind to Dharma ”
Date: September 21
Instructor: Eric Dulberg
3. Meditation on the first two of “The four thoughts that turn the mind to Dharma”and “The Parting from the Four Attachments”
Date: September 28
Instructor: Ken Hockett
4. Meditation on the last two of “The four thoughts that turn the mind to Dharma” and “The Parting from the Four Attachments”
Date: October 5
Instructor: Ken Hockett
5. Examining the first Two Noble Truths, using meditations from The Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions
Date: October 12
Instructor: Chuck Pettis
6. Examining the second Two Noble Truths, using meditations from The Beautiful Ornament of the Three Visions
Date: October 19
Instructor: Chuck Pettis
7. Selflessness & Dependent Origination with focus on “The 12 Links” & “Wheel of Life”
Date: October 26
Instructor: Murray Gordon
8. Compassion & Bodhicitta (Exposition of Bodhicitta; tonglen instruction)
Date: November 2
Instructor: Stephanie Prince
9. Mahayana path (General Mahayana – Paramitayana/Sutrayana) – The Six Perfections
Date: November 16
Instructor: Stephanie Prince
10. The Functions of the Mind
Date: November 30
Instructor: Murray Gordon
11. The Buddhist path in Tibetan Buddhism
Date: December 7
Instructor: Stephanie Prince