Buddha's Life Story and White Tara Teachings

The following sessions are being offered in Southern California. All are welcome to attend:



H.E. Dagmo Kusho Sakya is one of the two Tibetan women teaching in the west who grew up in pre-Chinese Tibet and received training there. She only visits the LA area once a year. The only child of a prosperous Khampa nomad family, Dagmola received teaching from her illustrious uncle, Dezhung Rinpoche. In her teens she married HH Jigdal Dachen Sakya,eldest son of a distinguished Sakya lineage. Together they received more  great teachings before escaping in 1959 to India. This life is wonderfully recounted in the book Princess from the Land of Snows.
Brought to the University of Washington in Seattle by the Rockefellers in 1960, she mothered five sons, kept house, became a wage earner, and kept alive the Tibetan culture with regular evenings with children and grandchildren. By the time she retired, she had become a sought-after teacher. More recently her beloved life as a teacher has yielded to her obligations to help the lineage through trips to India and Nepal to visit three grandchildren who are in monastic training, and all over the world to assist her husband's teachings.

Please consider the following about the distance to Malibu: When Dagmola opened a Tara center in Pasadena several years ago, she telephoned the afternoon of the opening, which was on a weekday at 7PM to tell me that she would like me to come. I was about to protest that there would be traffic when, fortunately, I caught myself and realized that I was talking to someone to whom it was nothing to travel 3 months on horseback for teachings. Traffic is generally not heavy on Pacific Coast Highway, so do saddle your mechanical "horse" and join us.

Wednesday, April 28th at 7:30 PM.
Dagmola will talk about the life story of the Buddha. She has done many remote pilgrimiges in Tibet, India, Bhutan, Nepal, and China. You may wish to bring fruit or sweets to share following the teachings.

Thursday, April 29th at 7:30 PM.
Dagmola will teach White Tara. Tara has guided her through life in a deeply personal way. Tara, she says, is not Buddhist. She is the Mother, the Earth, the Goddess. White Tara in particular gives protection and longevity. We will read the practice together. It is filled with healing imagery. If there is interest, we can have a pot luck before or after the teaching. Please let me know if you would like this and would help.

WHERE: 23708 Malibu Colony Drive, Malibu. Call or email for directions and parking info. Best to park on Malibu Road.

RSVP: Space is very limited so an RSVP is necessary. Email greenlotus@earthlink.net or call (310) 456-3591.

DONATION: $20.00. Scholarships, sliding scale. Do not let money problems prevent you from coming.