Secrets of Sacred Space and Sacred Ecology Workshop

At Earth Sanctuary on South Whidbey Island

Saturday, August 7
Time: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Instructor: Chuck Pettis
Cost: $95/person. (50% goes to Sakya Monastery)

Make a Personal and Powerful Connection with the Spirit of the Earth. You don’t need to make a pilgrimage to Stonehenge; you can create a sacred space of your own.

What you will learn and what will be covered:
- Introductory presentation show showing sac/red spaces from around the world, including an explanation of their symbolism and archetypal meaning.
- An overview of the design techniques used in virtually all spiritual and sacred places all over the world that you can use to create sacred spaces with the power to facilitate spiritual experiences and evoke feelings of peacefulness and harmony.
- Hands-on instruction in dowsing for water lines, ley lines and ley-line power centers.
- How to communicate with Devas, Angels and the Spiritual Hierarchy.
- The relationship of underground water, human entities, and other geopathic problems to health.
- Practical land development techniques for "designing with Nature" within a sacred ecological framework that allows sustainable development.

Please bring:
- A sack lunch
- Pendulum or dowsing rod, if you have one. Some will be available for use at the workshop.
- Dress for rain or shine (much of the day will be outside).

Register via email:

Note: Minimum of eight people needed to hold this workshop, so please register early. Maximum: 20 – 25 people.