Spiritual Practices

Please consult the monthly calendar to confirm the meditation schedule.



Calm Abiding Meditation ~ Open to the Public.

Good for beginners and for developing concentration.

Friday 7:00 pm

Sixteen Arhat Puja ~ Open to the Public

For the long life of the Holy Lamas of the Sakya Khon lineage.

Sunday 8:00 am

Guru Puja Practice ~ Open to the Public.

For the swift rebirth of H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Dorje Chang (1929 - 2016)

22nd Lunar Day

Chenrezi Meditations ~ Open to the Public.

Practice for cultivating compassion.

Sunday 10:00 am;

Thursday 7:30 pm

Green Tara Practice ~ Open to the Public

For the bestowal of numerous Blessings.

Full Moon

Ngondro Practice ~ Requires having taken Formal Refuge or Refuge from a Deity Initiation.

Removes our obscurations of body, speech, and mind to accumulate merit and wisdom.

Mon - Fri 7:00 am

Shitro Practice ~ Requires Shitro Empowerment

Prayers for the deceased.

Sunday 7:00 am

Medicine Buddha Practice ~ Requires Medicine Buddha Empowerment.

To alleviate suffering, sickness and injury.

New Moon

White Tara Practice ~ Requires White Tara Empowerment

For long life, health, protection, etc.

New Moon

White Mahakala Practice ~ Requires the White Mahakala Initiation.

Removes material and spiritual poverty and bestows wealth.

8th Lunar Day

Padmasambhava Tso Kor ~ Open to the Public

A tantric feast honoring the tantric master who made Tibet safe for Buddhism. It's appropriate to bring a food offering (fruit, meat, etc)

10th Lunar Day

Vajrayogini Practice ~ Requires a major mandala empowerment or Vajrayogini Initiation.

A highest yoga Tantra, with tantric feast.

25th Lunar Day

Mahakala Practice ~ Requires the Sakya Mahakala Empowerment

For the Dharma Protectors.

29th Lunar Day

For the memorial of Lamas, the celebration of Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and first teachings please visit our website calendar at www.sakya.org/sakyacalendar.html. These Holy Day Observances are open to the public.

When you decide to follow the Buddhist path, it is appropriate to take refuge. Refuge is taken in the Buddha (the Perfect Teacher), the Dharma (His Teaching), and the Sangha (the Accomplished Followers of the Perfect Teaching). There is a formal refuge ceremony in which you receive a Dharma (religious) name. Refuge is offered quarterly. If you are interested or have questions, please contact the Monastery office at monastery@sakya.org or 206-789-2573.

In general, when you decide to do a tantric practice (a tantric practice is one in which meditational deities are visualized), you must receive an initiation for that practice. The initiation permits you to do the practice at home and at the Monastery. Some practices have special restrictions, which are explained during the initiations. Receiving an initiation from a lama creates a special bond and commitment. For information on requesting or sponsoring an initiation, please contact the Monastery office at monastery@sakya.org or 206-789-2573.

You can download the Vajrayana Root and Branch Vows: HERE
You can download the Bodhisattva Vows: HERE


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