Spiritual Services

Sakya Monastery provides a wide range of spiritual services to help you in your personal, spiritual, family and work life. Below is a listing of these services. For complete information on these spiritual services, download Services Offered by Sakya Monastery: Spiritual Practices, Blessings, and Ceremonies (PDF).  More information can be found on our Blessings webpage.

  • Becoming a Buddhist: Taking Refuge
  • Sponsoring a Deity Intiation
  • Baby Blessings
  • Weddings
  • Blessing or Consecration of Land, Home, Business, or Store
  • Consecration of Statues, Stupas, Thangkas, Malas, and Other Religious Objects
  • Dedication of Merit at the Monastery for healing and relief of suffering
  • Shitro Practice for those who have passed away
  • Medicine Buddha prayers for those who are sick
  • “Sur” – The Complete 49-Day Spiritual Practice as Described in “The Tibetan Book of The Dead”
  • Green Tara or Mahakala Practice to remove obstacles
  • Divination – “Chak-Mo”
  • Retreats


Next of Kin Guide

Because we do not know the time of our death, it is important that we clarify our thoughts and wishes and write these down in the form of a testament. This end of life guide provides spiritual prayers and services that can be done at the time of death.  It also includes a checklist for your end-of-life wishes. Download: Next of Kin Guide (PDF)


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